Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Haylee V - Crushin'

OK, so you all remember these posts from earlier: Fashion Photography with Haylee & Vote for Haylee. Well it has came at no surprise to me that my talented best friend is at it again!

Haylee just recently released her first single and music video "Crushin by Haylee V". I gotta admit, I'll probably never be able to call her "Haylee V" as she will always be "Haybells" to me (nickname from our childhood) but I'm so proud to support her and spread the word on this awesome video! Please check it our by clicking here and help support this local artist!

Much love from us, Haylee! And yes, the offer still stands...I will continue being your photographer even after you're famous! :-)

A few of my favorite shots from Haylee's past shoots at
Sorensen Studios!

More photos by Sorensen Studios of Haylee

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