Thursday, August 7, 2014

Faith, Hope, Love

Everyone has seen the “hand picture” that a family often takes, especially when a new little one comes along. The family puts their hands together and it’s neat to see such an itty-bitty baby hand next to the full-grown adult hand.

Well, I had to snap this shot for our family, because it represents so much to us. It’s not perfect, in fact it’s far from it and that’s what I love about it. It shows so much strength and unity for us and reminds me of the realities in life; scary and bad things happen and there’s not a damn thing we can do about them. But we usually don’t have to go through it alone, we have our loved ones that are right there with us and that is actually the miracle of life.

Now I preach this but it’s something I’m struggling with daily. I’m still terrified about the fact that my daughter seized for an hour. I’m angry that I don’t really know why it happened or if it will happen again. All I know is that I can only choose happiness and to enjoy and love my family each and every day. To be thankful for all that we’re given and to embrace those moments that we often look past, me included.

In this picture you will see my hand with a hospital bracelet from giving birth to our son, Michael and his little hand with a bracelet as well. You’ll also see my husband’s hand for being the father and oh my, does he earn that title completely. He’s always there for us and making sure we have everything we need. He’s made every doctor appointment for our daughter since this whole scary ordeal and did a lot of running back in forth between taking care of her while still being there for Michael and I as I was in labor. And then you will also see our two-year-old daughter, Independence’s hand in her father's. She has a hospital bracelet due to the fact that she had to have an EEG two days after I gave birth, and five days earlier she was taken by life flight and hospitalized.

So you see, I’m going to print and frame this picture rather than just another dressed up photo of us forcing smiles as we beg our kids to look at the camera. It’s not the prettiest photo and it was very stressful and inconvenient at the time but it’s so genuine. I will hold this picture close to my heart and remember it as a scary time yes, but also a time of faith and belief in trusting the Lord. A time when I was shown true love from the ones who mean most to me and a time of when I had no other choice but to take one day at a time. I hope this picture will serve as a daily reminder to us that life is so precious, that anything can happen at any time and that the most important thing is our family, next to God.

"Always kiss your children goodnight, even if they are already asleep." 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The 2014 Iowa Freedom Rock® Tour Kickoff & New Beginnings

Well, it's certainly that time of year again! I am super excited to begin the 2nd year of the Iowa Freedom Rock® Tour. This year we kicked off the tour in Audubon County | Kimballton, Iowa.

Bubba had to fight some extreme weather (which usually happens with the first county or two...after all it's IOWA!) so we don't yet have completed pictures as a tent was around him the entire time. But once we get those I'll definitely post them.

I do however have some "in action" photos of Bubba completing the Audubon County rock and our daughter "helping" him out.

Here's another shot of Bubba painting; I'm just always so amazed to watch him work. I love his facial expression and the way it seems so calming and peaceful while the artwork flows from his brush. I certainly wish I had the patience to paint, but for now I'll just be my "click crazy" self with the camera!

Bubba painting the Audubon County | Kimballton Freedom Rock®
The beginning of this year also brought a big change for our business, Sorensen Studios. First of all, we are no longer offering photography services at this time. Because of the popularity of the Iowa Freedom Rock® Tour, we have decided to focus fully on this project. With booking over half of the state of Iowa for a "Freedom Rock®" and scheduling into the 2019 year, we really want to concentrate on finishing the Tour and being available to our clients. I'm sure we will always "keep our feet wet" in photography, but for now I guess it will just be a hobby.

Another big change for us is our location. Since 2008 we have been located and operating at the intersection of highways 92 and 25 in Greenfield, Iowa. We have recently moved from this location. The Freedom Rock® Tour has us traveling a lot and we are unable to be at the studio for over half of the year. I guess you could say Bubba' studio is actually across the great state of Iowa! 

It was definitely a bitter sweet change for us as we first opened our doors at this location and have been there for the last six years but we know it's best for us and our business. 

I stumbled across some old pictures from when we first purchased the building and began remodeling what was once an old gas station. We have a lot of memories there that we'll never forget but we are very hopeful for the future of Sorensen Studios. Thank you to everyone who ever stopped by and supported us along the way!

Please remember that you can still contact us at our same number and email:

641.343.7110 |

Sorensen Studios | 2008

Sorensen Studios | 2014