Monday, April 2, 2012

Crazy little thing called LOVE

Yesterday our baby girl turned six months old. The time has definitely flown by and of course my husband and I wanted to document this wondrous family event. Indie was going for a more dramatic look as she wasn't full of as many smiles as she usually is. I suppose she was trying to figure out why mommy and daddy were running around acting like crazy people trying to get her to smile. She flashed a few our way though-which was good enough for us considering we shot all of these pictures ourselves using a self-timer control and trading spots as photographer!

Some words of advice I have for my clients, don't try to force your young children to be a certain way during their photo shoots; it usually only complicates things. Instead let them work their magic and be exactly who they are at that point in their lives. It's fun to look back and remember. For instance, when Indie was first born, I wanted the cute sleeping/posed photos-but my little girl was never really a hard sleeper so I got coos and smiles instead. But like I said-that's who she is and I will always remember that when I look back at her newborn photos!

Anyway-we thought we'd share her photo session with you. I'll try to blog some more now that she is FINALLY sleeping through the whole night and our lives are starting to feel somewhat organized again (it only took six months)!