Friday, January 4, 2013

The world is your canvas-paint it!

Some memories were made in the Sorensen household this morning. I would just like to say once again how incredibly blessed I feel to be able to work from home and not miss these moments! Although on the very busy days it can be quite stressful juggling parenthood and running our business(es)'s all worth it.

Moving on, Miss Indie completed her first artwork masterpiece today! While Ray and I were both getting ready for the day, I realized Indie was super quiet. While I think most parents would agree when you catch yourself hearing complete silence, you think ahh that's nice a moment to think, but then your brain quickly snaps into "oh my gosh!" mode. Quiet doesn't usually equal good things...we all know this.

I came around the corner to find Indie drawing on the wall. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all about boundaries but how do you discipline a child for doing something she literally sees her father doing every day? You don't, well at least we don't. I grabbed the camera, yelled for Ray and I think he was pretty proud. I guess you could say that considering he drew "Indie's Art" next to her scribbling.

She seemed to really enjoy herself and stay at it for a good amount of time-which never really happens either. Not sure if she is going to be into art, bowling, swimming, softball or whatever, but I do know I'll try to capture her life in photographs.

Luckily the crayon she found was her washable one from the bathtub. But Ray did suggest we make that wall her canvas and invest in some more washable markers, even frame it in. I think it's inspiring to see her little creations on the wall (just this one wall of course). It's far better than anything I could buy at the store.

I hope you're all capturing these precious moments of your little ones as well. Isn't that what life is all about-the little things? :) Here are a few pictures from today's event:

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello 2013

Indie, Maria & Ray Sorensen at the St. Ansgar Rock.
Hi All-

It's been awhile since we last wrote (sorry we do that a lot through our Twitter & Facebook pages). Seems to be the quicker alternative! But in case you missed those updates...we'll catch you up to speed.

2012 brought a lot of changes with our business (Sorensen Studios). Maria decided to specialize in wedding/engagement and high school senior photography. She is home full time with the little one and the scheduling for those sessions are the easiest fit for a mommy job! We're also proud to say we have reached our full wedding quota for the 2013 season already. It's going to be a very busy year-but we're up for the challenge!

Bubba decided to specialize in mural paintings. Again, the same for him-large scale murals are what works best with our new parent schedule. He still does some canvas painting/drawings but they're usually personal and not for commission. He completed about four large scale murals in 2012 so it was a busy time!

One of our biggest projects we are looking forward to this year (and the reason for a fully booked wedding season already) is the 99 County Freedom Rock Tour. In the spring, we will be setting out to tour our beautiful state of Iowa while Ray aims to paint a rock in every county. If you visit the site, you will see we have already booked seven counties and we have just started promoting the tour! We're so excited to say the least and are really grateful for our home state's support.

We've already met some amazing people through this project and we feel very lucky to get to know so many fine individuals. We're also so thankful to our sponsors who are helping get this off the ground. We're hoping this [tour] can be a unique and beautiful gift to our military men and women, all the while benefiting our state with national tourism.

This will be our fifth year of business for Sorensen Studios and they say if you make it past year three, then you're good to go and that year five is when you're really "get started"'s to hoping!

Thank you all so much for your continued love and support. We will try to stay updated more often but will most likely be doing the majority of it via Facebook/Twitter. You can follow us here:

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The Freedom Rock Twitter:

We wish you all a very blessed and prosperous new year.
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