Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Let's all laugh a little more...

In a world full only bad news stories in what seems like constantly, I wanted to share with you all a little incident from 'my world' yesterday. 

I don't usually take naps unless I'm extremely tired and yesterday was one of those days. I had just laid my two year old down for a nap when I thought, "wow, the couch looks really comfortable right now..."

My 4 year old was busy coloring right next to me, so I thought, I'll just rest my head for a bit. I could hear her busy in her craft, so I wasn't full on sleeping but boy did it feel restful! If you're a parent, you'll understand what I mean here...you have found a way to sleep but you still can hear your kid(s) and every other noise for that matter.

I soon was awoken by the sound of scissors cutting and felt something on my head...yes she had cut my hair!

trying to work with what I got today...

the evidence

I immediately jumped up and asked "Why would you do that!?" That's when she pointed to the dolls, those creepy, creepy dolls who were staring back at me on the television stand.

"I was making elf hats for them and I was going to ask you for help but you were sleeping and I wanted to see what it was like to cut hair." she said. Ugh...what!? By the way, the dolls reminded me of something out of a "Chucky" movie...

Not sure which was scarier, my hair cut or these dolls...

OK, so cue the mom shame and judgments here..."why did she have scissors? Did you spank her a** hard!?" What we did for discipline is our business but honestly (not that I let her know this) it just made me a laugh and thank God for being alive and being a mommy. Judge me...but I know my kid, she didn't do this to be malicious, she wasn't trying to hurt me. She knows what she did was wrong, she's sorry, I don't remind her of it every time I look in the mirror at this awful hair cut but it did give me some perspective. I know people who have to walk through life with absolutely no hair on their head due to cancer, or part of their face missing because of their service in war time or a terrible accident. A few cut hairs didn't really get me too bent out of shape. 

I ended up sharing this on my Instagram and the hilarious responses prompted me to write on my blog and share it with more people. My aunt called me after seeing the picture below and literally could not talk because she was laughing so hard. I LOVE making people laugh and I love to laugh, because again, I sometimes find myself almost getting depressed about all the terrible news stories I read. Oh and I also decided to blog because right now while my two year old naps, I'm going to go ahead and NOT take a rest today-haha!

I also was secretly really freaking impressed by those elf hats. I love her creativity and her sense of wonder; I love her.

So anyway, I'm going to go ahead and write this in her baby book, sneak in her room the night before prom in about 13 years and cut her hair...just kidding, but seriously, have a laugh at these photos.

Have a blessed day and remember, don't sweat the small stuff!

what I woke up to from my nap...