Friday, August 26, 2011

Jensen Wedding

I wanted to share some of my favorite shots from one of the weddings we just finished up. The Bride, Sindra picked up her products yesterday and it made my day seeing how excited she was! I gotta say, this was one of the cutest, quaintest, most intimate weddings I had been to in awhile. You've got to check out what I'm talking about by visiting, click on the "client" tab and type in 62111 to view all of the photos from their wedding day. Her dad built the little church where Sindra & Emery were precious. Now we're gearing up for the Armstrong wedding tomorrow!

Friday, August 19, 2011

2011 Governor's Charity Steer Show

Here are a few photos from the 2011 Governor's Charity Steer show at the Iowa State Fair on Friday, August 13th. The steers were immediately sold at auction and proceeds went to the Ronald McDonald House of Iowa, which as raised more than $1.7 million. Just thought we'd share a few pics, including the painting Bubba donated in order to help raise some extra funds. Thanks again to the Solsma family for asking Bubba to be their celebrity showman!

*Photos by Sorensen Studios

L-R Claire Solsma (steer owner), Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II
(The Freedom Rock artist/celebrity showman)

Painting donated by Bubba to help raise funds
for the Ronald McDonald House of Iowa

Bubba being interviewed at the 2011 Governor's
Charity Steer Show 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

August Family Photo Shoot

Here is a shot Bubba snapped of me setting up a photo session with one of our August families. As you can see this was a very large group and my goodness was it hot out that day. But they were troopers and so much fun to work with! Previews coming soon...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Murals, Graphic/Logo Design, Signs...we do it all!

Check out this awesome artwork project by our artist, Bubba. The clients were my parents, who for the past 20 years have owned and operated The Old Hotel Restaurant  in Greenfield, Iowa. Recently, they moved out of the old hotel building (which is being renovated into a fully functional hotel for you out of state Freedom Rock visitors!) and moved next door. This presented a great opportunity for re-branding. My dad, John Galanakis, grew up on the island Crete which is part of Greece. Dad and his family planted olive trees and harvested olives...something our family still practices over there. My family came up with "Olive Branch Family Restaurant" for the name of their new place...incorporating Dad's Greek heritage. Bubba took that name and created a log, business cards (printed by Sorensen Studios), an olive family tree mural, a mural using their new logo, and an outdoor sign. Make sure to stop in and enjoy the delicious food and unique Greek atmostphere...and tell them Bubba & Maria sent you!

*If you are interested in hiring Bubba for your next mural/artwork project, or graphic/logo design, give us a call or email today at 641.343.7110 or We provide free estimates!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Optimist Club Photography

About a week ago I was asked to participate in a unique opportunity involving the Greenfield Optimist Club. They asked if I could take some pictures for their achievements in gaining quite a few new members in their club. I was excited to help and was so very glad when I found out my photographs were being used in an email that was sent to over 20,000 leaders across the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. They will also be used in a magazine article. To all the photographers out there-take advantage of unique opportunities like this and get your name out there whenever you can! It's also nice to help support local organizations/clubs. Thanks again for thinking of me, Gary, Sharon & Kai.

Below is the article/email:

Gary and Sharon Miner recruit 20 Friends in town of 2000. Photos by Sorensen Studios.
"It ain't gonna happen in Greenfield!" 
...but it did
Because Gary and Sharon Miner chose to be "in the arena," they made it happen.
Population 2000
When Gary and Sharon Miner heard about Optimist International President Danny Rodger's challenge to recruit twenty Friends of Optimists between July 1st and September 30th, Sharon's first thought was, "It ain't gonna happen in Greenfield."  Her second thought was, "Why not?"

Well, Have I Got a Deal for You
Gary and Sharon set out to share Optimism with their community with no pressure and no holds barred either.  Sharon describes her style, "I know that you might not have the time to fully participate in our Club's activities. Well, do I have a deal for you." That's Sharon's icebreaker.  "I'm going to tell you about a type of Membership our Optimist Club has, and you can say 'no'."  Sharon comments, "I think it put them at ease so they could know I wasn't going to pressure them into anything."  Sharon mentions that, "of course some people did say no, and that's ok."  This approach disarms anxiety on both sides.  Remove the pressure, and it makes it easier for Optimists to ask and for the potential Friend to say yes.

Burgeoning Achievement
Gary Miner emailed other Clubs in his District stating the Greenfield Optimist Club's burgeoning achievement,
You should all know about President Danny's challenge to Clubs... I'm challenging you also... I can tell you, this isn't hard. Greenfield (population just under 2000) has signed up 11 new Friends since this past Tuesday.  We plan to have the final 9 by the end of next week... If you put your Club name on the application form, you get $40 back for each Friend.  Do the math, that is $800 for your Club... Friends also count toward your growth goals for being Honor Club...

Two Weeks
Two weeks and twenty Friends later, the Greenfield, Iowa community has a heightened awareness of its local Optimist Club, the support of twenty more people, and a sense of anticipation of good things to come for the youth.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Carter Wedding

I've just posted our latest wedding album featuring The Carters. To see what a full day wedding package with Sorensen Studios entails please visit our website:, click on the "client" tab and type in: 61111

If you would like to schedule a free consultation with us to discuss your engagement and/or wedding day objectives, give us a call or email today at: 641.343.7110 or

Hope you enjoy, Dustin & Kate; it was a pleasure working with you!

Lots of Love-Bubba & Maria

*Sorensen Studios is a full time photography/art studio. We are a fully insured, accredited business with an outstanding rating with the Better Business Bureau

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Isabelle (3 years old)

Here are some more adorable shots of a precious little niece of ours, Isabelle. I just love photographing "Izzy" because she always gives me a variety of attitudes and poses-with out even trying! My camera goes a little click crazy (which is a good thing) trying to document her every little move. Sometimes, I'm not even sure how she does it but they always turn out to be simply amazing.

I'm posting a few of my favorite shots here and if you'd like to see her full session, visit:, click on the "client" tab and type in: 72211.

To schedule your child's pictures with Sorensen Studios, give us a call or email today at: 641.343.7110 or

Friday, August 5, 2011

Union County Fair Photography/Art Judging

We were asked to judge the Union County Fair Photography and Art Competition a few weeks ago. We really enjoyed being a part of this and getting to view some other artist's work-very impressive stuff! About five hours in a non air conditioned space was a little trying on a pregnant woman...but we got through it! :-)

Anyway, here are some photos from the event (courtesy of Brenda Strauss). Thanks again, Brenda! And thank you to the Union County Fair for having us.

Maria judging Union County Fair Photography Contest

Maria & Bubba judging Union County Fair Photography Contest

Bubba judging Union County Fair Photography Contest

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tucker (6 years old)

Here are few of my favorite pictures of our nephew Tucker (along with some of his little sister Taylor & mom). My my has he grown! I kept telling his mother, Heidi during this that I felt like I was shooting his senior pictures. I also let her know that if she wants me to continue photographing him...he needs to quit growing so fast! 

Anyways, I was extremely happy with the results of these photos. They are exactly what we try to represent here at Sorensen Studios Photography; real and relaxed images! If you would like to view all of Tucker's photos to see what a session is like, please visit, click on the "client" tab and type in 72011

If you are interested in scheduling kids pictures with Sorensen Studios, give us a call or email at 641.343.7110 or

*Please visit our online schedule to check availability 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Haylee V - Crushin'

OK, so you all remember these posts from earlier: Fashion Photography with Haylee & Vote for Haylee. Well it has came at no surprise to me that my talented best friend is at it again!

Haylee just recently released her first single and music video "Crushin by Haylee V". I gotta admit, I'll probably never be able to call her "Haylee V" as she will always be "Haybells" to me (nickname from our childhood) but I'm so proud to support her and spread the word on this awesome video! Please check it our by clicking here and help support this local artist!

Much love from us, Haylee! And yes, the offer still stands...I will continue being your photographer even after you're famous! :-)

A few of my favorite shots from Haylee's past shoots at
Sorensen Studios!

More photos by Sorensen Studios of Haylee