Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wedding Photography

We wanted to share a closer look at some of the products we offer to our wedding clients. These are from a wedding we recently photographed featuring Dustin and Stacey. They were up for just about anything and really had fun with their shots-which makes for some great photography. Thanks again, Dustin & Stacey...we hope you enjoy your photos for many years to come!

Also, just to remind you what you get when you book Sorensen Studios for your special day:
  • Unlimited full day coverage
  • 450 edited files on a Custom Cover Disc Case with copyright release to print whenever/wherever 
  • TWO Photographers
  • Custom Cover 4x6 Proof Box with 250 4x6 prints.
  • 8.5x11 Press Printed Book (20 sides) with Custom Photo Cover including dust jacket
And don't forget...Sorensen Studios is a fully insured, full time Photography/Art Studio with an outstanding rating with the Better Business Bureau. We're here to serve you Tuesday-Friday 10a.m.-5:30p.m. and Saturdays by appointment!

*Want to see even more pictures from this wedding? Visit, click on the "client" tab and type: 6411 to see what a typical full day wedding coverage is like.

From left to right:Custom Cover Disc Case with 450 edited
files on disc, 8.5x11 Press Printed Book (dust jacket not featured), 
Custom Cover 4x6 Proof Box

Close up of pictures in 8.5x11 Press Printed Book

Close up of Custom Cover 4x6 Image Box which
holds 250 prints printed by Sorensen Studios

Back shot of Custom Cover 4x6 Image Box

Custom Cover Disc Case with disc which holds 450 edited
files with copyright release

Close up of Custom Cover 4x6 Image Box with 4x6 prints

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

CRI Television Crew

Last week we had producer, Patrick Boberg with CRI of William Penn University and his crew stop by the studio to interview Bubba about The Freedom Rock. Below are a few pictures from the interview. We hope to inform you soon about when it will air. Right now we're thinking mid August, but definitely stay posted to learn more.

Thanks for stopping out, Patrick & crew!

*Photo courtesy: Maria Sorensen, Sorensen Studios

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Studio Visitors 7/20/11

From left to right: Tech Srgt. USAF Carl W. Coffman,
Kelly Coffman Sr. & Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II

*Carl served in Iraq twice and Kuwait. He was the first of 150 air
personnel boots on the ground in Iraq of 2003!
Yesterday we had some pretty cool visitors at The Freedom Rock and Sorensen Studios. It started with a phone call asking if Bubba was around, but he's so busy with murals and paintings right now that he barely has time to be at the studio. When I told this to the caller, he sounded very disappointed. The voice on the other end of the phone was that of an Iraqi/Kuwait soldier. He was back in the area with family and "just wanted to shake Bubba's hand" as he put it. So crazy to hear as it's us who want to shake the hands of all these heros...not the other way around!

Luckily Bubba walked in the door while I was still on the phone, taking a little break from painting. As I told this to the young man, he said "We'll be right there-we're at 'The Rock' right now."

It was so nice meeting this serviceman and his family. And as a side note, the father of this young man is an author who I interviewed while interning for a local paper during college. "Are you Bubba's wife?" he asked on the phone. "You interviewed my dad about his book when you were still just 'Bubba's girlfriend' and told my dad about The Freedom Rock." I got a kick out of that-especially after they told me they still had my article.

Thanks again for visiting. Keep on coming back, even if it is in five year interval. :-) And most of all, THANK YOU for your service. God Bless!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Face Painting

Saturday, July 16th Bubba was asked to do face painting for an event hosted by the Lutheran Church in Fontanelle, Iowa. The event teamed up with the group "CROSS N' AMERICA On The Wheels of Faith", which raises money for the victims of all the recent tornado tragedies. Thought we'd share a few photos of Bubba trying out face painting for the first time. The kids seemed to really enjoy it!

Thanks again to the Lutheran Church for inviting us to be a part of this event-we hope it makes a difference!

*To learn more about CROSS N' AMERICA, check out:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Had to share some of my goodies from my husband this morning. It's our 4th anniversary and I was surprised with this beautiful drawing of Calla Lilies. It was sitting on an easel right beside my desk at work. I also snapped a photo of the post-it notes he left on the drawing; which explain what the three Calla Lilies represent. Guess I shouldn't have been so pushy last night when he was late for supper...he must have been setting this up-Ooops! Oh yeah-he put "cattle lilies" because during our wedding-that's what my mom kept calling them! :-)

Just when I thought the surprises were over, the UPS guy walks in with more than my photography products but a box of delicious Dipped Fruit! Almost makes you feel guilty for eating something so beautiful but then I decided, "hey, that's what cameras are for...I'll snap some pics before I devour these things!" Anyway, enjoy and try not to drool to much...they're just as good as they look!

Thanks again, hunni! I love you-Happy Anniversary!

*I suggest everyone take pictures of things that make them so happy in life-one day you'll love looking back on it all!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Veterans Tractor Ride at The Freedom Rock®

Tractors at The Freedom Rock®
Tractors at The Freedom Rock® 2

Bubba signing the 2012 Freedom Rock Calendars for riders

Tractors at The Freedom Rock® 3

Last Saturday, a group of Veterans participating in the Adair County Historical Society's 2nd Annual Veterans Heritage Tractor Ride made The Freedom Rock one of their destinations. We were able to meet the group at The Rock and thought we'd share a few photos from the event.

Thanks for including us and we hope you enjoyed your visit!

*Photos by Maria Sorensen/Sorensen Studios

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Senior Special!

So excited to announce our new special for the graduating class of 2012:

Now through August 31st, for every senior that books a "Traditional" or "Premiere" Package will receive a FREE proof book like the one you see here!

Call or email us today to schedule your session: 641.343.7110 | 
*please visit our online schedule to check availability

Click the picture for larger viewing

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hit or Miss

My brother, Gabe has been bugging me to recreate this photo of himself (left picture) from when he was a baby. After lots and lots of bugging (haha just kidding, Gabe-you know I love you) and an opening in my schedule-we finally got around to it!

My mom had this (left) picture taken of my brother when he was about 1 year old and the (right) picture is of my brother's son, Manolis who is about 2 years old. We had a lot of fun with this and it was great hanging with my nephew and rad brother...oh and my dad (who is also in the photos) at the office! Of course, we wouldn't have been able to do it with out mom's awesome prop skills; sometimes I tell her I'm going to hire her as a full time prop designer-seriously she made the hats they're both wearing!

What do you all think...hit or miss here? I think we did alright! Enjoy, Gabe-I have a feeling I'll be re-creating this when Manolis has a little boy as well! :-)

*To view pictures from the entire shoot, visit our website:, click on the "client" tab and type in: cardshark

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Heidemann Kids

Meet Caden True and his sister, Tenley Nichole...also known as "mini Josh & mini Nikki". I say this because Tenley looks just like her mommy and Caden like his daddy-it's unbelievable! Maybe if we take some family pictures this fall, we can show you what we're talking about!

It was so cute the way Caden took care of his little sister during this shoot-nothing can melt a pregnant woman's heart faster; I take that back...except icecream at this point! We have listed a few of our favorites here but to get a full view of their album and to see what a session with us is like, visit our website at: click on the "client" tab and type in: 62711

If you would like to schedule a photography session with Sorensen Studios, give us a call or email today at 641.343.7110 or Also, don't forget to check our online schedule for available dates!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Spark Your Future: Photography

Yesterday we had a group of kids visit the studio to hear about owning/operating an artwork and photography business [Sorensen Studios]. The group was a part of "Spark Your Future: Photography" which is a day camp through the Adair County Extension Office.

We were happy to talk about the experiences of opening our own business and running it for the past three years with these children. Hopefully it encourages them to use their creative minds and become entrepreneurs. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves and come back and visit the studio(s) anytime!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thank You

I said it before and I'll say it again-we have the best clients EVER! Let me explain...

We met Sue about a year ago when she inquired about an artwork project which involved painting a tribute on a bench to her brothers who were in the service (see picture below). Sue is always so sweet and we keep in touch via email with her.

She wanted to add some more to her bench so she brought it back to the studio and after Bubba finished it she came to pick it up. She stopped by the other day to pick up her bench and wow did our little daughter to be, Indie get spoiled! I wanted to share because I want Sue and everyone else who is so supportive of us and what we do to know how much we appreciate it. We feel truly blessed to have met the people we have through our work and The Freedom Rock® that it's truly inspirational. We know that Indie is going to have a very blessed life as she gets to know all of you, too!

I attached a few shots of the goodies Sue brought-you know me, I'm pretty much snapping pictures of everything...Enjoy! Thanks again, Sue-we love you and I can't wait to dress her in these beautiful outfits!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Caught Ya!

Lately we've been noticing our brides/grooms & their families/friends taking pictures of us, well... taking pictures! It's always sweet when they want to snap a shot of us at their special day; really makes us feel welcomed and appreciated! Here are a few fun shots we were just sent from a client. Gotta say, it's kinda fun to see this side of things! :-) Also, will be way fun to show "Indie"-think I'll add a few of these to the baby book.

We had a lot of fun photographing this couple right outside their reception. The scenery was beautiful and we couldn't stop snapping. Which is making the editing process a little more a good way!

Thanks again, Brenda for sharing. I can't wait for you all to see your photos!

If you are interested in scheduling your wedding or engagement photos with Sorensen Studios, call or email us today: 641.343.7110 or (as you can see-you get TWO photographers for your special day(s)!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Good Friends...Good Pics!

Yesterday we had the privilege of photographing one of my best friends from high school and her growing family. Jamie is back visiting our little hometown of Greenfield all the way from Germany! Her husband, Jeremy has been stationed in Afghanistan and they are [hopefully] enjoying seeing all of their loved ones; although I know that can be a job in itself! I asked if they could take a little time out of their busy schedule to let me capture this special time together.

Thank you guys so much for allowing us to take your photos; we hope you enjoy them for many years to come and it somehow makes the deployments seem bit easier...God Bless!

I have featured a few of my favorite shots on this post. To view all of their photos, please visit:, click on the "client" tab and type in: 63011

If you are interested in scheduling Sorensen Studios for a photography session, call or email the studio today at: 641.343.7110 or