Thursday, July 21, 2011

Studio Visitors 7/20/11

From left to right: Tech Srgt. USAF Carl W. Coffman,
Kelly Coffman Sr. & Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II

*Carl served in Iraq twice and Kuwait. He was the first of 150 air
personnel boots on the ground in Iraq of 2003!
Yesterday we had some pretty cool visitors at The Freedom Rock and Sorensen Studios. It started with a phone call asking if Bubba was around, but he's so busy with murals and paintings right now that he barely has time to be at the studio. When I told this to the caller, he sounded very disappointed. The voice on the other end of the phone was that of an Iraqi/Kuwait soldier. He was back in the area with family and "just wanted to shake Bubba's hand" as he put it. So crazy to hear as it's us who want to shake the hands of all these heros...not the other way around!

Luckily Bubba walked in the door while I was still on the phone, taking a little break from painting. As I told this to the young man, he said "We'll be right there-we're at 'The Rock' right now."

It was so nice meeting this serviceman and his family. And as a side note, the father of this young man is an author who I interviewed while interning for a local paper during college. "Are you Bubba's wife?" he asked on the phone. "You interviewed my dad about his book when you were still just 'Bubba's girlfriend' and told my dad about The Freedom Rock." I got a kick out of that-especially after they told me they still had my article.

Thanks again for visiting. Keep on coming back, even if it is in five year interval. :-) And most of all, THANK YOU for your service. God Bless!

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