Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Had to share some of my goodies from my husband this morning. It's our 4th anniversary and I was surprised with this beautiful drawing of Calla Lilies. It was sitting on an easel right beside my desk at work. I also snapped a photo of the post-it notes he left on the drawing; which explain what the three Calla Lilies represent. Guess I shouldn't have been so pushy last night when he was late for supper...he must have been setting this up-Ooops! Oh yeah-he put "cattle lilies" because during our wedding-that's what my mom kept calling them! :-)

Just when I thought the surprises were over, the UPS guy walks in with more than my photography products but a box of delicious Dipped Fruit! Almost makes you feel guilty for eating something so beautiful but then I decided, "hey, that's what cameras are for...I'll snap some pics before I devour these things!" Anyway, enjoy and try not to drool to much...they're just as good as they look!

Thanks again, hunni! I love you-Happy Anniversary!

*I suggest everyone take pictures of things that make them so happy in life-one day you'll love looking back on it all!

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