Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thank You

I said it before and I'll say it again-we have the best clients EVER! Let me explain...

We met Sue about a year ago when she inquired about an artwork project which involved painting a tribute on a bench to her brothers who were in the service (see picture below). Sue is always so sweet and we keep in touch via email with her.

She wanted to add some more to her bench so she brought it back to the studio and after Bubba finished it she came to pick it up. She stopped by the other day to pick up her bench and wow did our little daughter to be, Indie get spoiled! I wanted to share because I want Sue and everyone else who is so supportive of us and what we do to know how much we appreciate it. We feel truly blessed to have met the people we have through our work and The Freedom Rock® that it's truly inspirational. We know that Indie is going to have a very blessed life as she gets to know all of you, too!

I attached a few shots of the goodies Sue brought-you know me, I'm pretty much snapping pictures of everything...Enjoy! Thanks again, Sue-we love you and I can't wait to dress her in these beautiful outfits!

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