Friday, August 12, 2011

Optimist Club Photography

About a week ago I was asked to participate in a unique opportunity involving the Greenfield Optimist Club. They asked if I could take some pictures for their achievements in gaining quite a few new members in their club. I was excited to help and was so very glad when I found out my photographs were being used in an email that was sent to over 20,000 leaders across the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. They will also be used in a magazine article. To all the photographers out there-take advantage of unique opportunities like this and get your name out there whenever you can! It's also nice to help support local organizations/clubs. Thanks again for thinking of me, Gary, Sharon & Kai.

Below is the article/email:

Gary and Sharon Miner recruit 20 Friends in town of 2000. Photos by Sorensen Studios.
"It ain't gonna happen in Greenfield!" 
...but it did
Because Gary and Sharon Miner chose to be "in the arena," they made it happen.
Population 2000
When Gary and Sharon Miner heard about Optimist International President Danny Rodger's challenge to recruit twenty Friends of Optimists between July 1st and September 30th, Sharon's first thought was, "It ain't gonna happen in Greenfield."  Her second thought was, "Why not?"

Well, Have I Got a Deal for You
Gary and Sharon set out to share Optimism with their community with no pressure and no holds barred either.  Sharon describes her style, "I know that you might not have the time to fully participate in our Club's activities. Well, do I have a deal for you." That's Sharon's icebreaker.  "I'm going to tell you about a type of Membership our Optimist Club has, and you can say 'no'."  Sharon comments, "I think it put them at ease so they could know I wasn't going to pressure them into anything."  Sharon mentions that, "of course some people did say no, and that's ok."  This approach disarms anxiety on both sides.  Remove the pressure, and it makes it easier for Optimists to ask and for the potential Friend to say yes.

Burgeoning Achievement
Gary Miner emailed other Clubs in his District stating the Greenfield Optimist Club's burgeoning achievement,
You should all know about President Danny's challenge to Clubs... I'm challenging you also... I can tell you, this isn't hard. Greenfield (population just under 2000) has signed up 11 new Friends since this past Tuesday.  We plan to have the final 9 by the end of next week... If you put your Club name on the application form, you get $40 back for each Friend.  Do the math, that is $800 for your Club... Friends also count toward your growth goals for being Honor Club...

Two Weeks
Two weeks and twenty Friends later, the Greenfield, Iowa community has a heightened awareness of its local Optimist Club, the support of twenty more people, and a sense of anticipation of good things to come for the youth.

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