Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Murals, Graphic/Logo Design, Signs...we do it all!

Check out this awesome artwork project by our artist, Bubba. The clients were my parents, who for the past 20 years have owned and operated The Old Hotel Restaurant  in Greenfield, Iowa. Recently, they moved out of the old hotel building (which is being renovated into a fully functional hotel for you out of state Freedom Rock visitors!) and moved next door. This presented a great opportunity for re-branding. My dad, John Galanakis, grew up on the island Crete which is part of Greece. Dad and his family planted olive trees and harvested olives...something our family still practices over there. My family came up with "Olive Branch Family Restaurant" for the name of their new place...incorporating Dad's Greek heritage. Bubba took that name and created a log, business cards (printed by Sorensen Studios), an olive family tree mural, a mural using their new logo, and an outdoor sign. Make sure to stop in and enjoy the delicious food and unique Greek atmostphere...and tell them Bubba & Maria sent you!

*If you are interested in hiring Bubba for your next mural/artwork project, or graphic/logo design, give us a call or email today at 641.343.7110 or sorensenstudios@yahoo.com We provide free estimates!

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