Thursday, June 23, 2011

Indie's Hidden Love Note

A few months back I posted this story about how I couldn't wait for this year's hidden love note from Bubba-well move over Maria-our baby-to-be, Indie gets a love note too! It was so cute and melted my heart. Bubba posted it on the Freedom Rock Facebook Page yesterday. You can view it here. Can't wait to add this one to the baby book!

I feel so lucky to have been part of The Freedom Rock project for the past eight years. All of the people we have met have really become like family to us and it's been a unique experience. It makes you feel really good knowing we have such a strong and loving military-I hope you all know how much we appreciate your services!

We can't wait for our little "Indie" to be a part of it all too. We already have everyone asking if they get to meet her next year on Memorial Day-of course she'll be there!

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