Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Excited for this year's "Hidden Love Note"!

2010 Freedom Rock® (all sides)

North Side of 2010 Freedom Rock & Hidden Love Note

As we approach the beginning of "Rock Season" I get sad thinking of everything that will be painted over. A few of my favorites from this year are: Glenn McDole, CPL Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan, the whole west/front side and that moving quote by Eleanor Roosevelt. And then I think of the personal side of it for me, my hidden love note from Bubba! I wonder what he'll dream up this year. Please note: I can NEVER find it with out his help, buuuut maybe this year will be different...

Here is one last look at the 2010 Freedom Rock® along with a hidden love note that reads: Bubba [hearts] Maria (it was lightened for easier's not quite that easy to me!)

P.S. Even though these heros will be painted over, their memories will never be forgotten. I've already got a few sneak peaks from this year's sketch and it makes me sooo excited. I can't wait until it's completed for all to see!

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