Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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Tour Bus at Sorensen Studios

Just thought I'd give a little update about what's been going on at Sorensen Studios lately. As I've been saying, it's definitely starting to be "Rock Season". Now this is a term I made up because trust me in our world, there is such thing. Just like it's football season or my favorite, baseball season (note the NY Yankees jacket I'm sporting in the first picture).

Around here it starts to get to the point of where I don't see Bubba's face all day or sometimes all night because he is out at The Freedom Rock trying to finish his newest version. And it's usually followed by him looking like a totally different man when he returns from a full day of painting. The tan on that guy just in the month of May-I tell ya! But I 'spose that's what you get when you're painting for more than 8 hours in the sun. Running the studio basically by myself during this time starts to be a challenge but hey I love a challenge!

And then comes the visitors from all over the country and even parts of the world. They're nice enough to not only make a trip to The Freedom Rock but also to our studio. I always enjoy meeting them and hearing their different stories. I will try and take pictures of these amazing people and share their visits with you.

So here are a few pictures from our latest events. The first two are some pictures Bubba snapped of me in action at a photo shoot earlier this spring. As you can see how bundled up I was, it was cold! But boy was I happy with the weather cooperating with a group this big. I did feel a little sorry for them as they didn't have coats but we got them done and outta there in good time. Check out the baby's face-he's ready for his pictures. Ha-cracks me up!

The third picture is one of a tour bus that stopped last week. We have two more planned for this following week. Lots of people to squeeze into the studio but we make it happen. Always a pleasure to have you all. Stop back and visit any time.

Well I better get back to it. Until next time....

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