Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Studio Visitor, Bob Wateski (Gunny)

Bob Wateski (Gunny) at Sorensen Studios pictured with
artwork by Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II

Shields of Strength Dog Tags

Meet Bob. I naively was getting ready to leave the studio for a lunch break this afternoon when I noticed his large RV pulling into the studio. I say naively because it's starting to get close to the renewal of The Freedom Rock®, so visitors are coming from all over the country. Of course being pregnant I immediately thought, "Oh no, I'm so hungry and I'm not going to get to eat lunch today!"

But as soon as he hopped out of the RV which pulled his Motorcycle on the back, I noticed his hat which read "Vietnam Veteran" and I couldn't help but be excited to meet and talk with him. I thanked him for his service and shook his hand as he approached the studio.

He said he was on his way back from Florida to Wisconsin as he spends the winters there due to his throat cancer from Agent Orange. My heart suddenly melted. Here I was worried about getting to eat lunch when this man fought for me and now has cancer because of it! It's one of those moments you know you were exactly where you were meant to be.

He was trying to locate the Freedom Rock because he had always wanted to visit it. He said he had noticed the sign here at Sorensen Studios and decided to stop. I showed him around the studio a bit and gave him directions to the Rock. He was disappointed in not being able to meet Bubba and I assured him Bubba was more disappointed not to be able to meet him, a true American Hero.

After he bought postcards and a calendar he ran out to his RV. "I'll be right back", he said. He came back with Shields of Strength dog tags (see 2nd picture above). These dog tags are sold to raise money for our men and women of all services and wanted Bubba and I to have one. I'm proudly wearing mine today! Please if you would like to donate to this wonderful cause, visit their website:

Thanks again, Bob. It was as an honor meeting you. I hope you enjoyed your visit to Sorensen Studios & The Freedom Rock®. And don't worry, my mom brought me some lunch for Baby and me! =)

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