Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Baby Bump & the Rock

This past week or so I got a phone call from a good friend of ours, Megan. She actually photographed our wedding and not only has given us amazing photography pointers, but more importantly, advice on how to actually make a real business out of it!

So when she asked if she could borrow my baby bump for a project she was working on-of course I said yes! Then she told me she wanted to take pictures at The Freedom Rock...to which I thought, "Well OK why not!?". Then she dropped another funky idea-"And I want Bubba to paint on your belly to blend in with the Rock."

Now my mind started thinking-"What in the world is she up to!?" But Bubba and I are usually up for anything creative so we were way excited! Here is a picture Bubba snapped of Megan doing her thing. I hope to get to view the pictures soon and I will share them once I do. It was so much fun seeing her work and I know the photographs are going to be amazing-just like our wedding pictures were! Oh and yes, the paint on my belly was completely safe for baby... ;-)

A little background on what Megan is doing: she's photographing all kinds of baby bumps at unique locations and plans on putting a book together; kind of like a women's/mother empowerment thing. I'm sure I'm not explaining this as great as she can but once I get some more details from her and she finishes the project, I will definitely share more!

Thanks again, Megan. It was great seeing you and I wish you the best of luck with all the exciting things you have in your future!

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