Friday, September 2, 2011

Family from Greece

Right now our family from Greece is visiting for the wedding reception of my brother, Mario and sister-in- law, DeNae. Visiting is my aunt, Angela and her granddaughter well...Angela (it's a Greek thing).

Neither speak English all that well but I think they're enjoying their time here! My dad's family all still lives on the island of Crete; where they farm olive trees. My brothers and I were all baptized there and have many fond memories of visiting from our childhood. I can't wait to go back some day (hopefully soon) and of course when little Indie comes along and grows up a bit-we'll take her too! Also-totally dying to take a professional camera along this time. My little disposable cameras from when I was younger didn't quite do the land justice! ;-)

Anyway, I asked my mom to bring by little Angela by the studio to get some pictures. She was so excited and I gotta say we really had a fun time together! My Greek isn't the greatest these days but hey-that didn't stop the photos from being amazing! Check em out-below are a few of my favorites. To view all of her photos, just visit, click on the "client" tab and type in 83011. By the way, I haven't seen this girl since she was as baby-my has she grown!

p.s. love the she wanted a picture with the American Flag...of course we had no problem finding one of those around the studio!

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