Friday, February 4, 2011

Reagan & Lincoln's Snow Day

As the recent snow storm blew across the country this past week, I have to ask everyone..."What did you do on your snow day?" I of course slept in and then enjoyed some much needed play time with our two dogs, Reagan & Lincoln. They tend to get a bit of cabin fever this time of year, so whenever I can talk myself into it, I bundle up and play with them outside for as long as I can stand the cold. Linc gets chilly pretty fast and is usually very obvious about showing me he wants back in. But Reg, I think he could stay out there all day, what with the two layers of a fur coat and all (which is why there are more pictures of Reagan than there are Lincoln by the way).

Some of you Freedom Rock® fans may know of Reagan since he's acted as Bubba's partner while painting the Rock for the past seven years. He has grown quite famous! In fact, some people stop by the Rock or Sorensen Studios, just to say hi to Reagan...and if he's not here, they literally say they'll come back when he is-no joke...that has happened! Reagan has also been featured on several newspapers and television stations  for being "The Rock Dog". He loves that time of year with Bubba, sometimes going out at 3a.m. to go paint with him, but he's always ready! We've already scheduling some Tour Buses at The Freedom Rock® this year and they always ask if Reagan will be there too and I say "Of course he will, he even has his own little spot he has grown quite fond of beside the Rock."

Back to the story, I decided to break out the camera because some of the moves they were doing looked so beautiful with the snow flying every where. If you're interested in hiring a Sorensen Studios photographer to capture your fun snow day with your family or a  furry friend-contact us today at 641.343.7110 Ext. 1 or email us at

My Absolute Favorite
of Reagan

Lincoln trying to steal the ball from Reg

Reg catching his ball-looks scarier than he is

Lincoln running through the snow

Reg ready for Bubba to throw the ball

Face off

Reg bringing his ball back

Ooops-Linc slipped

Reagan trying to dig his ball out of the snow

Reagan "smiling"

Taking a little breather 

Reg's favorite thing in the world, his ball

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