Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mural at the VA Clinic in Carroll, Iowa

Bubba recently completed a mural at the VA Clinic in Carroll, Iowa. Here is a before and after picture along with his explanation of the whole process:

I was approached a couple years ago to paint a #mural in the VA Clinic in Carroll, Iowa and we were finally able to make it a reality. There was funding in part from the Ralph Neppel (Medal of Honor recipient) family and he is the focus of the mural. I attached a before/after pic and you can listen to a description of the thought process on the mural at the link below...

On a personal note, I wanted to share a few pictures I snapped at the mural dedication. Indie and I were able to attend and see it in person; very beautiful! Bubba pointed out our "hidden love notes" in the painting and it was funny to see so many people notice it as well. We are two blessed girls to have him in our life and are very proud of him. Thanks, babe!

Bubba and Indie in front of the Carroll VA Clinic mural.

Indie & I's hidden love note in the mural. 

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