Monday, September 30, 2013

Lake Park (Dickinson County) Freedom Rock®

Wow, OK so this next rocks I should say, I cannot WAIT to see in person! What an amazing project this county pulled together and completed.
As you can see, Bubba painted not one Freedom Rock® for this county, but six! Everything right down to the brick work is amazing. Here is a shot before Bubba actually began painting:

Photo courtesy of county.
They also commissioned Bubba to hand paint their signage for their Veterans Memorial when visitors come to town:

Photo courtesy of county.

Photo courtesy of county.

And here are pictures of the completed mural(s) along with Bubba's explanation:

Photos courtesy of county.

"The Lake Park Freedom Rock in Dickinson County Iowa is painted. They are still working on landscaping but hope to be done soon. Speaking of the landscaping, that alone is a sight to see. They've artfully placed pavers around each rock...there are 6 (The big one, then one for each branch of the military). The pictures don't do it justice, this is one you'll definitely have to visit to soak it all in. Most of this is self explanatory but to explain the side with the faces and star- they are 2 KIAs, 2POWs, and a Nurse who cared for recovered POWs...all from Dickinson County.

Make sure you check the website: in order to see where each Official Freedom Rock® is located.

Thanks again to all those who've supported us in The Freedom Rock Tour and we'll see you at the next stop."             -Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II


Pretty moving, huh? One last thing I wanted to share really quick was how well this county embraced being a part of the official Iowa Freedom Rock® Tour. When you hire artist, Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II, you not only hire a professional, world-renowned artist, but also The Freedom Rock® name and brand. The Freedom Rock® is a registered name and trademark and can only be used with the artist's permission. Which means you're able to use a trusted name that is recognizable world wide. The Freedom Rock® brand represents honoring our service men and women and has proudly for the last 15 years; which is what it's known for.
Below is a wonderful example of how this county used not only The Freedom Rock® name but also Bubba's artwork to the best of their abilities. Our goal with The Freedom Rock® Iowa Tour is to show that Iowa wants to make sure our military men and women, past and present are never forgotten but also to encourage Iowa tourism and all this great state has to offer!


  1. Awesome Blog, thank you. Your husband does awesome work, and thank you for letting him do this around the state.

    1. Brian,

      I'm honored to be a part of these amazing projecst! :)
      We love your Freedom Rock® Veterans Memorial!!