Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So I finally got around to picking out a few of my favorite photos from our trip to the St. James Club in Antigua from January 5th-11th 2011. Some of them were taken with our professional camera and others just with a handheld digital. (I'm still developing my underwater camera...I'll post those soon!) Sorry it took so long but in my defense it's still technically January so really I'm not that far behind. Plus, you should have seen the stack of mail we had to sort through when we got back people! I couldn't help but to keep hearing that song in my head..."Back to life, back to reality..."

However, our time in Antigua was amazing, it was more than amazing it was...well I'll just let you see. We literally lied out on the beach with a drink in our hands every single day. My tan is fading, but when I look back through these pictures I can still feel the warmth of the beach! We made some great friends, business contacts and we are already talking about saving for our next trip to Antigua (it may take us ten years but hey...we'll go back).

We also wanted to take this time to thank REDBOOK Magazine for the opportunity to win this trip. Thank you to all of our friends, family and even total strangers who voted for us-with out your support I wouldn't have tan lines in January and I wouldn't have been able to actually be warm on my birthday since every year its usually a blizzard out and everyones canceling on my party. But not this year, oh no this year I sang karaoke with the natives of Antigua and had a piña colada. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!

To view more pictures from our trip, visit, click on the "client" tab and put in the password: antigua2011

These little guys had holes all over the beach,
I was just relieved they weren't tarantula holes

Well look at that, Bubba found a rock in Antigua too!
Took these while relaxing one day...and I made friends
with a lot of kittens after giving them food.

Bubba drew this in the sand one day, we called this our private beach
because it was in front of our room and we basically had it to ourselves every day
Rum of our favorites
This picture was taken sitting outside our hotel room!
This is us out for my birthday on our way back from
 our favorite restaurant on the resort.

Even our shadows couldn't keep their hands off each other!
This is a great shot of our resort.

Our foot prints in the sand


  1. this is amazing!!! i'm soo glad you got to enjoy your b-day in the sun!!! <3 you and miss you soo much! xoxo

  2. Thank You, Laotya! I miss you so much too, we have to get together soon!
    Take care,