Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We love Holiday Walk-Inners...

So any of you who know me can attest that I really like to be prepared and plan for things. I mean why else wouldn't we have kids yet right? hehe

Anyway-I'm starting to get what we call the "Holiday Walk-Ins" which consist of people frantically realizing the summer and fall seasons have flown by and Christmas is only weeks away.
We find them rushing into the studio, asking to get their pictures taken right here and now. Normally I like to take extra time to prepare for my shoots and make them as unique as possible...but don't worry-I have found a way to do that off the top of my head after my third year of Christmas rushes! So bring it on you "Holiday Walk-Inners"'s not a word, so don't look it up.

And the great thing is-you get all your images on a disc, so making Christmas cards is a one will ever even know you procrastinated when we get your pictures back so quick and you can print them WHEREVER!

Stop by Sorensen Studios and we'll fix you right up. After all, that is what we're here for: set hours every week, ready to assist you. Not after our other real job gets done, or when we get back to calling you...but NOW because this is our real job! The studio is waiting for you (seriously I just cleaned it today and I like people to notice).

Here are some pictures from one of our walk-ins today. See it's as easy as going to a drive through and grabbing a shake and fries...except you won't gain weight coming to us. Unless you start working here...then you'll find we walk over to Kum & Go/Caseys various times a day for sodas and candy bars.

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