Monday, October 21, 2013

Sac City (Sac County) Freedom Rock®

Well, it's official-the first year of The Iowa Freedom Rock® Tour is complete! What an incredible spring and summer we had. We met a ton of amazing people, traveled around our beautiful state and accomplished something that was only a dream last year. THANK YOU to everyone who supported us and we can't wait to get back on the road again in the spring of 2014!

So where was the last stop? Sac City (Sac County), Iowa. Indie and I were able to join Bubba for a few days and we spent some time in this lovely community. We stayed at "The Guest House" with its famous phrase being "A Home Away From Home." And I gotta say-that is exactly what it felt like. It was a pleasant change from the regular hotel room we were getting used to. Here is a shot of Bubba and Indie in front of it. It's a quaint home with everything you need and was even updated very nicely. Thanks again, Denise for making this happen for us. If you would like more information about lodging at this facility, click here: The Guest House.

We also had the pleasure of enjoying a delicious dinner and lattes at "Tea with Lillian". Please check them out here: I really enjoyed not only the goodies they had to offer, but the atmosphere was out of this world-awesome job!

What was also great about staying at "The Guest House" was the giant yard Indie had to play in. I snapped a few pictures of her exploring the new territory. I love the simplicity of this shot:

Bubba and I have always said how wonderful it was to be able to grow up in small town Iowa. Well, it's almost like Indie gets to enjoy not only our little town, but all of Iowa's awesome communities combined, along with the people who make it that way. It's been so inspiring to meet such hardworking people who devote so much time to their towns, communities, towns and/or state. And we are honored that you think The Freedom Rock® Tour will be an asset to your communities.

And here is the beautiful Sac County Freedom Rock itself along with Bubba's explanation:

The final rock painting of the year in Sac City, Iowa (Sac County). They really wanted to involve local Veterans stories while saying thank you to all Veterans. The road facing side portrays a medic, tunnel rat, and soldiers silhouette. The west side of the rock says thank you to our women in service. The back side a soldier from Sac County being rescued by a couple Navajo Code Talkers and a P-38 surveillance plane. All with relation to Sac County Veterans. The POW/MIA on the east side of the rock is for those who'll never be forgotten.

On the top of the rock are two different Veteran's ashes mixed into the paint in the stars...making it the final resting place these Veterans.

Hope you all enjoy and stayed tuned as I have many projects throughout the winter months. Thanks for your support and thank you to all our veterans for serving our country.

We were also able to recently attend their dedication. We snapped a few photos of the event which was very moving:

A little update on The Iowa Freedom Rock® Tour, to date, we are scheduled into the 2018 year and we have booked 57 out of the 99 counties in Iowa. Again, we cannot express how extremely excited we are about this statewide project and the support we have had in making it a reality. Thanks again, everyone!

We will try to continue to stay updated as we have a lot of cool projects scheduled for the winter that we can't wait to share with you when the time comes. To learn more information about The Freedom Rock® Tour and how you can become a part of it, please visit

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